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Personal Responsibility and Government Mandates

School children hear presidents lecture them about personal responsibility. The truth is that these speeches have nothing to do with personal responsibility, as taught by our parents.

Public Private Partnerships Undermine Competition

The idea that a monopolistic public-private partnership benefits local citizens is a modern fiction. This co-dependent relationship pales in comparison to the benefits of a competitive market where individual consumer choice is the deciding factor. Public-private relationships lead to exclusion and aggression via statute, further restricting competition in a quest to support the partnership. This outcome should be rejected by residents with the removal of politicians who fail to embrace free markets.

Ron Paul Quote on WikiLeaks

"The neoconservative ethos, steeped in the teachings of Leo Strauss, cannot abide an America where individuals simply pursue their happy, peaceful, prosperous lives. It cannot abide an America where society centers around family, religion or civic and social institutions rather than an all-powerful central state. There is always an enemy to slay, whether communist or terrorist.

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