Your Voice

From the moment, you are born, or there about, you express yourself vocally. You express your desires and needs with force without realizing any threat of repercussions. As you grow, you develop a sense of self and discover that you can control the world around with just your voice. Even at a young age, you begin the journey to independence and start showing your individuality, all the while honing and expanding your world with your voice.

As time passes and you move into your teen years you find that your voice may be muffled by indoctrination and pressures to conform to behavior expected of young adults, who will blindly follow the fads and fashions of their peers. At some point, though, you will again resume your struggle for individuality and independence.  Once more your voice is heard and  again it changes your world.

In time, if you’ve been schooled enough, you’re anointed as educated by your indoctrinating body, and released to go out to become a conforming worker in the world.  Although you’re largely self-defining in your late teens and early twenties, you still live in a world where conformity is coerced instead of voluntary, and even charity can be a crime. To voice protest or dissent seems a waste of time, many believe that their voice has no effect.  But there may come a point where you realize that by speaking out you can influence public issues, beyond your private world, but it takes effort and energy to do so effectively to make your voice heard.  After all, having spent your entire life using you voice to make the world like you want it to be, how can you just switch it off on this one topic. Huh??

As we mature, our convictions may be shaped more by age, wisdom, or experience than the formal educational of our early years, as our world expands from greater exposure to life’s situations and explorations both actual and virtual. All these interactions, and experiences, change your voice. It changes the way you view and interact with the world; it changes you, whether you realize it or not, and that change is expressed in your voice.

I guess we need to examine question of just what your voice is? If asked, most will detail their vocal abilities or give some biomechanical description of the human vocal system. Though this is true in a narrow sense, a comprehensive description of your voice is more than mere words or songs or the biomechanics of the vocal chords.  Your voice can also be your ability to affect the world through action. Gesticulations, facial expressions, writing, the arts – even your fashion choices, the brand/color/type of car you drive, your friends, and career choices are all expressions of your voice. How can one topic, this one choice through all the ones you make throughout the years be unworthy of your time?

So now we must ask why it is that, roughly, 40% of those eligible to vote aren’t even registered? There are anarchists who will never participate, of course; but they are a tiny fraction of the unregistered 40%. We must answer this question, because if there were full participation the electoral system would no longer be under the control of the 2-party fiasco.  Life has taught us that we can influence the world around us with our voice in many different ways; and we need to discover why, every two years, so many people refuse to voice their opinion.

After running three campaigns for office, I have a little insight into the matter, and what I have found to be most common is simple disdain toward the system. They have given up. These people really believe that they can have no influence on the outcomes and have accepted that they will never be represented, in short, they have submitted to slavery though I am sure no one has ever presented it to them in that way.

This mindset is a complete reversal of doing what people have done all their lives, expressing their voice. Since birth, we strive to have the world hear us and fulfill our desires and, in some small bits, we see a positive outcome from these efforts. So why is it that in most every other part of life, people will voice their opinions and manage their affairs without hesitation, and then fall silent when it comes to voting? How do we reach these people and have them believe that they CAN affect our government’s path in one election cycle? Has cynical partisan propaganda, political corruption and lies, or even just the stress and strain of life so altered their view of government that they can’t ever see a positive outcome? These folks are easy to find, the real question is, how do we reach them?

As a candidate, I let people know I am just a person who wants to help put this country on the right path – the path to personal freedom and individual responsibility – and I am using the map the founders gave us to find my way.

I know my voice delivers a message that most cannot believe because their experience tells them things cannot change, the government cannot be reined in. To that I say nuts! The only reason government has power is because we fearfully follow its edicts, convinced both that we’ll be punished if we disobey, and that we are so threatened by bad people (gangs, illegal aliens, terrorists, zombies, etc.) that we need the government to shield us.  But let’s say that that 40% of non-voters were NOT to pay their taxes and truly refuse to participate in the system. I say something would happen quickly, and it would not be arrests; it would be change because together their voices would be heard.

Let us find a way of allowing this disenfranchised segment of the population have their voices heard on Election Day, engage to 40%! If you are one of the 40%, the only person holding you back is you. We have the ability to make a difference, a real transformation or we can maintain our inaction, follow along the same path and watch our freedom be replaced with control under the guise of fictional protection.

It is time to take it back, by the people…