Vote for These LP Candidates November 6th 2018

On Tuesday November 6th Cast you vote for:

Nick Sarwark - Phoenix Mayor - www.sarwarkforphoenix.com

Jim Iannuzo - Central Arizona Water District - www.jimiannuzo.com  (623) 239-2039

Ron Sereny - Central Arizona Water District

Chris Will - Central Arizona Water District  Facebook: VoteforChrisWill  480-461-1299

2016 Maricopa County Election Results Update

2016 Election Results - Release of Write-in Totals

Outreach Document: 

Libertarian Write-In Candidates for County Maricopa 2016 Primary

The 2016 Libertarian Primary has a number of official write-in candidates, many more than in past cycles due to laws passed by Republicans in the legislature. These laws increased Libertarian signature requirement by up to 3000% while maintaining Republican signatures. A bill pushed by the Republican leadership was intended to eliminate Libertarian candidates. Obviously Republicans can't compete in the arena of ideas.

2014 Libertarian Candidates Nomination Signatures


E-Qual allows registered voters to securely sign any candidate's nomination petition. It partially replaces paper forms, conveniently allowing you to support our candidates. If you are registered to vote as a Libertarian or Independent sign all the Libertarian Nominating Petitions at the one stop link shown below.


Libertarian Bill Barker certified to August ballot

The City of Phoenix election department has certified Bill Barker to the ballot.  The election will be held Tuesday, August 30th.

Candidate for City of Phoenix Council District 1

Bill Barker has filed as a candidate for Phoenix City Council District 1.

Anyone interested in helping to gather signatures can contact me at 623-915-1692

or email bill@billbarkerphxaz.com.

My website is http://www.billbarkerphxaz.com

Arizona Ballot Propositions

MCLP Position on 2010 Ballot Propositions.

Proposition 106 - Vote Yes
Proposition 107 - Vote Yes
Proposition 109 - Vote Yes
Proposition 110 - Vote No
Proposition 111 - Vote No 
Proposition 112 - Vote No
Proposition 113 - Vote Yes
Proposition 203 - Vote Yes
Proposition 301 - No Opinion
Proposition 302 - No Opinion 


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