Libertarian Challanges Obamacare; Coons v. Lew

Speakers Bureau

Maricopa County Libertarian Party Speakers Bureau


MCLP Contact Information:

Chairman - Jim Iannuzo
Vice Chairman - Ron Sereny
2nd Vice Chairman - Brandon Slayton

Ron Paul Quote on WikiLeaks

"The neoconservative ethos, steeped in the teachings of Leo Strauss, cannot abide an America where individuals simply pursue their happy, peaceful, prosperous lives. It cannot abide an America where society centers around family, religion or civic and social institutions rather than an all-powerful central state. There is always an enemy to slay, whether communist or terrorist.

2010 Organizing Meeting

Monday December 13th, 2010 at 6:30 PM

** We Always Meet on the Second Monday of Each Month at **

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