Maricopa County Libertarian Party Urges No Vote on Prop. 127, Citing Consumer Cost Increase and Crony Lobbying Influences

CONTACT: Emily Goldberg
Media Coordinator

Maricopa County’s Libertarian Party, representing 25,000 local voters throughout the county, urges voters to vote “NO” on Prop. 127, the ballot proposition which would create a constitutional amendment for a fifty percent “clean” energy mandate throughout Arizona.

County committee members reviewed and debated the proposition, noting that ASU studies project that utility costs to the average Maricopa County household will double if the proposition passes, that disproportionate impact will be felt by rural utility consumers and particularly Navajo Generating Station customers, and that passage of the proposition will concentrate additional regulatory power in the Corporation Commission and increase the lobbying influence of APS and SRP, the two largest local utility providers.

Committee members further noted that the proposition will require additional taxation to support what will be an inevitable requirement for subsidies for households unable to meet the increased cost.  Beyond this, the proposition squelches any potential that Arizona could see a competitive utility market in the foreseeable future, guaranteeing a monopoly for current utility providers.

Jim Iannuzo, the party’s Chair, noted, “We are not opposed to clean energy.  Look around in any metro-Phoenix neighborhood, you will see solar panels on many roofs. What we are opposed to is vesting more power in the Corporation Commission and further increasing the lobbying influence of the existing utility companies.  We want to see utility regulation move in the opposite direction, so that a family with solar can move off the grid if they want to.”

The Maricopa County Libertarian Party is the largest county affiliate of the Arizona Libertarian Party, with 25,000 registered voters represented.  Active members meet in central Phoenix monthly.  For additional information, please see

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