Vote for These LP Candidates November 6th 2018

On Tuesday November 6th Cast you vote for:

Nick Sarwark - Phoenix Mayor - www.sarwarkforphoenix.com

Jim Iannuzo - Central Arizona Water District - www.jimiannuzo.com  (623) 239-2039

Ron Sereny - Central Arizona Water District

Chris Will - Central Arizona Water District  Facebook: VoteforChrisWill  480-461-1299

Election Observer Information and Checlist

Election observation is the process by which the MCLP deploys observers to witness the electoral process.

Outreach Document: 

2016 Maricopa County Election Results Update

2016 Election Results - Release of Write-in Totals

Outreach Document: 

Libertarian Write-In Candidates for County Maricopa 2016 Primary

The 2016 Libertarian Primary has a number of official write-in candidates, many more than in past cycles due to laws passed by Republicans in the legislature. These laws increased Libertarian signature requirement by up to 3000% while maintaining Republican signatures. A bill pushed by the Republican leadership was intended to eliminate Libertarian candidates. Obviously Republicans can't compete in the arena of ideas.

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